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A professional artist, Nancy Keating discovered her mosaic passion 20+ years ago. Since then, she has committed thousands of hours in her studio, developing and perfecting her mosaic techniques and growing her artistic style.


Intensive training at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California has honed her mosaic artistic craftsmanship. Notably, Ms. Keating has studied under renowned mosaic artists, including Laurel True and Isaiah Zagar. She is a "juried/chosen" Indiana Artisan, Carmel Arts & Design Artisan and Indiana Glass Trail Artisan.


Nancy teaches an intro to glass mosaics class, "Mosaics and Wine" in addition to more in-depth, project-specific mosaic art workshops in her Carmel, IN studio. Over the years, Nancy has "shared the mosaic joy" with over 2,000 students!


She works in her Carmel art studio and has created countless mosaic works of art, private commissions, public works of art, community mosaics and architectural residential installations. Her artwork can be found at juried art exhibitions, shows, galleries and on her website, MosaicsGarden.


Mosaic Glass​

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