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Most of my compositional skill stems from a graphic design background and having been exposed to different forms of art growing up in Columbus, IN. I believe that the use of eye catching color is just as important as composition. I strive to be unique in my glass designs and therefore, am constantly experimenting with different techniques and color combinations. Aesthetically, my goal is to evoke a memory or emotion from the viewer – seeing coral while snorkeling on a family vacation; hiking up a mountain; the colors of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, etc…
    I consider my work to be a true reflection of my soul – ever fascinated with what Mother Nature produces and the organic beauty of the world around us. I hope to personally express this feeling through glass form, thus creating unique pieces. Besides experiencing the joy of the physical process of creating fused glass pieces, I am truly humbled by the emotion expressed by others when they see my work. 


Fused Glass​

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