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I like to draw the viewer in with simplicity… then shake them up with complexity.


When science and art meet, first there is the question… then there is an answer.  With success, the answer is resolved by time, effort and skill.


The medium of hot glass lends itself, as a liquid of limitless opportunities, to frozen expressions in time.


Sculpturally… three dimensionally, I have had the luxury of experimenting with abstract methods, in order to express conceptual ideals.


The first time I discovered the Glass Arts ‘dance’, was on public TV.  Dale Chihuly and his team mesmerized me beyond reason. The very notion of ever having the opportunity to see this dangerously exciting process in person, was beyond my wildest imagination.  Living in Chicago at that time, I totally dismissed this art form as a possibility.


Even though I had already earned my Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Studio Art / Sculpture, from the University of Illinois in Chicago… the glass seed wasn’t  planted until I moved to Indianapolis and found the Indianapolis Art Center (IAC) in Broad Ripple.


There, at IAC, I was thrilled to dabble in a plethora of art media that was previously out of my grasp.  These endeavors included welding, jewelry making, wood working, metal casting, and alas… GLASS BLOWING!


I now enjoy exploring the rich world of Glass Art, whenever the rare opportunity presents itself.


blown glass and fused glass