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Exploring transparent media has fascinated me for years. As a child it was fun to watch water droplets roll down the sides of a clear vinyl umbrella or on a rainy day to blow soap bubbles endlessly in the backyard. These experiences, led me as an adult to work in plastics and glass.  Recently, the addition of contrasting textures has entered into my designs. Combining solid cedar or sandstone with glass has created some intriguing combinations for me.

Early in my career, I relied on plastics to build forms, playing the role of a true “Constructivist” but then found combining it with stone and other materials to be even more interesting. This love of transparency took me to explore and learn blown glass at the Indianapolis Art Center. Further study at the Corning Studio, in upstate New York awakened my interest in lead crystal. It was there that I learned the “cold-working” method. At Corning I saw how the refractions of light could add to the pleasure of capturing a molten moment. These two forces of light and movement contribute an energy to the pieces not unlike the forces of yin yang, organizing a balance or establishing stability.

Periodically, I regroup to study meaningful work by Alexander CalderNaum GaboGeorge RickeyLeroy Lamis, Robert Serra, Isamu NoguchiDavid SmithConstantin BrancusiHarvey Littleton and Tom Patti. Travel to New York, Chicago and abroad also feeds into my creative psyche. Kirk Varnedoe’s thoughts on abstract art, has also had an impact on my work.

Finally, I just plain enjoy the simplicity of minimal art and the realization of all its complexities and implications.


Hot glass - Cold Working - Blown Glass - Mixed Media

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