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Glass containing copper or sulfur will react to silver foil when heated to 1480 degrees F and fume and discolor the glass. I've been developing color field compositions with these effects. The process is serendipitous; many surprises await when I open the kiln.

Hanging out with my future wife as she worked on her undergraduate art projects introduced me to the excitement and beauty of creating art. Several years later, I decided to combine my engineering background with a developing love of art to pursue a career of furniture design and production. I maintained an independent business for 30 years doing custom design furniture and architectural woodwork. Since my retirement, I've continued to make art using fused and cast glass, ceramics and skin covered kayaks as means of expression.

My wife, Anna Lee Chalos-McAleese and I operate as See Saw Studios located in Terre Haute, IN.

My work is shown by Wantoot Gallery, Mineral Point, WI and on their website.


Fused Glass-Cast Glass

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